20 Things I Would Tell My Younger Self that May Encourage You to Become Your Best Self

I happened to be walking and reflecting on my past life experiences; what they taught me and now serve me well.

“Wisdom can’t be acquired simply through reading books; knowledge is one thing, wisdom, quite another” —Unknown.

The question: "What pertinent advice would you give to your younger self?" popped into my head out of—what seemed to be—nowhere.

Here are 20 things that I would tell my younger self that may encourage you to become your best self:

  1. Develop your nagging passions [life mission and purpose] no matter how fearful it may make you feel. And while there will be obstacles, they are only to test you—to see how bad you really want what you say and believe you want.

  2. Focus. Your life’s journey is your journey alone and some things, people, and experiences— are only distractions.

  3. Don’t be like her—be your best self! Role models [celebrities]—none of us are perfect, so, don’t strive to be like anyone but yourself. Admire characteristics and take away what benefits your growth and leave what does not.

  4. To learn where you’re going you have to know where you come from—study your own history outside of what is taught in school.

  5. Chase ambitions, dreams, and goals—not boys. Don’t worry, you’d bump into the ‘right one’ at the right time along the way to [your definition of] success.

  6. Have fun but use discernment. Not everyone who smiles and laughs with you is for you [especially regarding business affairs].

  7. Feed your soul—find and study a spiritual path that resonates with you, raises your vibration and consciousness [knowledge of self], wholly. One that allows you to honor and trust your intuition.

  8. Intuition communicates with us many times through symbols and metaphors. Symbolism is in everything and is everywhere [especially in music and imagery]. Pay attention to what’s happening and not happening around you—awareness can save you from making both unnecessary and grave mistakes.

  9. Don’t take all things at face value… study and research all things including opportunities. All opportunities are not opportunities of advancement but opportunities to be controlled and exploited. Don’t allow others to exploit you, your gifts: talents, abilities and or beauty for their personal gain.

  10. Stay grounded—don’t compromise your values, morals, and integrity for superficial and material things [fame and wealth]—such things do not feed the soul nor add value to self. However, your connection to the divine source does.  

  11. Know your worth—don't allow insecure people to make you feel insecure about yourself.

  12. Have compassion but love and respect yourself—first—by setting and honoring your boundaries.

  13. Nothing worth having, or worth gold, is free or easy!

  14. Mistakes are gold! These valuable golden nuggets of wisdom show that you’re open to learning, which leads you to master your abilities.

  15. Cry—life, indeed, is hard but it’s meant to be this way to strengthen mind, body, and soul. Let it flow, tears release stress hormones therefore crying is part of a healing process.

  16. Talent and education can take you places but strategy, networking, and experience can take you even further! Ask Beyoncé and Kim Kardashian.

  17. Reflect! Life is about lessons, learning, loving and contrast. While we all aspire to be happy—we can't get the sun without the rain. One without the other—for anything to work—it requires balance ...It's the hardships, obstacles, challenges discomfort that are catalysts for personal and spiritual growth.

  18. Check yourself—you can learn a lot from others. But, be careful about putting others on pedestals [it’s a sure way to disappoint yourself].

  19. Negativity is good—get in tune with yourself. Emotions help us understand ourselves. When you peel back all the ‘negative’ surface layer feelings of anger, grief, jealousy etc., you may find true 💕 [love] and friendship [with self or others] at the core... to cultivate.

  20. Keep your cards close—everything does not need to be a status update, post that’s shared among everybody …especially for likes, views, and validation.

How about you—what pertinent advice would you give to your younger self to encourage others to become his or her best self?


**Partially posted for brevity. Originally posted [over a year ago]

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