Dyslexia: Causes BADDGirlRe Champions

Updated: Nov 15, 2018

Could you or a Loved One be Affected by Dyslexia and Not Know it?

BGR’s ‘Causes We Support’: Support and Help Us Raise Awareness, Too

BADDGirlRe promotes beauty, brains and substance. We understand that there are many young, beautiful girls and women who may be affected by a condition that they have no idea exists, all the while taking its toll on their confidence.

Dyslexia — mild, moderate or severe — is a learning difficulty that primarily affects the ability to learn to read and spell. It often runs in families and stems from a difficulty in processing the sounds in speech. Some 10% of the UK population [both male and female] and up to 17% of the global population are affected by dyslexia.

No, having dyslexia does not qualify one as unintelligent or someone with a low IQ. Actually, many people believe that dyslexia is a gift. Those affected by dyslexia tend to excel in creative fields and are really good with their hands, for example, at painting, sculpting, mechanics, hair, makeup, drawing, designing, architecture, acting, and so on. This is confirmed by the fact that there are many historical figures and celebrities who have and have had the gift of dyslexia: Muhammad Ali, Steve Jobs, Richard Branson, Steven Spielberg, Albert Einstein, and many more. Richard Branson is a well-known businessman and Albert Einstein was a renowned scientist. These people have proven that you don’t necessarily need to be good only with your hands to excel in spite of dyslexia. For this very reason, BADDGirlRe finds it exceptionally necessary to help raise awareness about this particular cause.

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