For My Little-Me's [Tweens]: "What Does Respecting Myself Look Like?"

Heya Little-Me's!

You may hear "love and respect yourself", but what does this really mean and what does this look like? Read on.

It is:

  1. Doing the right thing when others are not.

  2. Honouring your positive inner dialogue and intuition.

  3. Behaving in a respectable [lady-like] manner - especially on social media [in public].

  4. Wearing age appropriate clothing [and that leaves something to the imagination].

  5. Taking the high road in matters of conflict.

  6. Valuing yourself by practising self-care and self-love.

  7. Cultivating your gifts and talents while not allowing others to exploit you.

  8. Showing others [by how you treat yourself] the loving and respectful ways to treat you.

  9. Always striving to keep a positive outlook on life, despite life's obstacles.

  10. Dedication to self-improvement and not giving up on yourself during challenging times.

So love and respect yourself, girls. Mwah!

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