Girl, She Stole What?! The 6 Most Important Things People Cannot “Steal” from You!

Updated: Nov 23, 2018

“Copycat, copycat—find your own originality, copycat. I wore lipsticks and used filters on my pictures before you did!”

If it’s not along the lines of copyright infringement — do not let petty thoughts consume you. There is really nothing new under the sun, because everything’s been done before. Trends are recycled and change with the times—like some people in our lives, they come in and they go out. However, creative souls have the impulse to “remix” ideas that have already been tried and tested — just do what you’re born to do!

If others are inspired by your works, ideas, style, relationships, or any other aspect of your life — hug yourself, for you are an awesome and inspiring individual. Should you find it upsetting that others have the same style as you, examine your feelings and find peace with the fact that people cannot “steal” the intangible things that matter the most! And if you’re wondering what these things are, read on.

Self-Love and Awareness

Loving yourself and knowing who you are is of the utmost importance. If you fail to define who you are — you leave yourself open for others to define you in many ways, which may confuse and mislead you. Similarly, if you do not love yourself, there are chances that you may be abused and taken advantage of. In either of these circumstances you unconsciously give others an undeserved power over you and your life, and you offer them the authority to strip you of your confidence and other good qualities. Beloved, when you hone self-love and awareness — there will never be any competition. You will be beautiful and undefeatable in all the ways that it counts.

Your Ambition

When you have passion for something, namely, your craft — it can be seen. It is innate and can’t be faked. Being disciplined, focused, and determined is a beautiful thing which yields amazing results. Ambitious individuals are go-getters, who find it torturous to sit around waiting for hand-outs, acknowledgement, support or opportunities — instead they set goals and relentlessly chase them.

It is one thing to set goals, and another to take action to achieve them. Ambition is an attribute that has to be commended, because it builds a go-getter attitude which leaves absolutely no time for whining about petty things, or counting others’ blessings as opposed to one’s own. The harder one works, the greater is the reward and contentment, which deserves a tip of the hat.

Your Tenacity

Sure, many others have goals and ambitions that are similar to yours, but it’s your level of tenacity which will set you apart from others and determine your failure or success. And just because someone else achieves success at something you’re after, doesn’t mean that you should give up on your dreams — because your style of accomplishing things will always be different from everyone else’s. If it is your passion, honey, it will be absolutely and positively impossible for you to give up, as passion cannot be subdued. Setbacks and failures will occur — it’s all a part of the process. Use the time to fine-tune your abilities. You know, it took over a thousand tries to create the light bulb! Your tenacity can be sapped but never stolen, sweetheart. Your effort in trying to keep your wheels in motion is a winner’s attitude.

Your Accomplishments

Self-love, self-awareness, ambition, and tenacity are key ingredients of the recipe for success, when it comes to your intellectual, professional, and personal accomplishments. It will all pay off in the sweetest form — whether it is recognition, acknowledgment, titles, trophies or qualifications. If your achievements have inspired others — hun, be even more proud of yourself, as that’s just the icing on the cake. Pat yourself on the back, for your life’s triumphs are forever yours.

Your Perspective and Outlook on Life

In all of it, our attitude determines our altitude. There are many reasons why most of us find it difficult to see the world from a positive perspective, and mostly this stems from our life experiences, upbringing and beliefs. Quick briefing: You lost? Don’t become vindictive about it. We all have times when we either win or lose. In times of loss, keep your respect and love for others, try harder, try something different the next time, and move on gracefully. You were misunderstood? Don’t attack — go back and see if you can explain it differently. If you’re still misunderstood — simply charge it to the game and maybe try a different approach the next time around. Your perspective and outlook can be transformed, but never stolen. Those on top rarely lack a positive and open-minded view of life. Keep growing and evolving — and those who sincerely love you, make them proud.

Your Story

All the points above make up something absolutely incredible — your story! No one can do what you do the way you do it — the amazing way you work with your negatives to make better pictures, express and articulate who you are — that cannot and should not be compared with anyone else. It is only you, my love, who can write your story — if not, make sure you write your ending and end it with a BANG! You are a unique being with all your own gifts, you have your own story, passion, and purpose. At the end of it all, babe — truly confident people have no competition nor time to hate — they only have time to genuinely smile at others as they congratulate them. And no one can steal or take what is meant for you, or what the Universe has planned for you.


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