Go Girl, Get that Job! BADDGirlRe’s Lucky 7 Quick Tips to Master Your Job Interview

Updated: Nov 29, 2018

A job interview gives you just a few short minutes to make a lasting, great impression. Here’s how you can make every second of that time count.

Know Who You’ll be Working For

Make sure you do your homework and research about the company that you plan to work for. The last thing you want to do is go for an interview without any knowledge about the firm, and be blindsided by questions pertaining to the company. I’m sure you can figure the possible outcome of such a situation.

Tailor Your CV [résumé]

Sending general CV’s [résumés] is a lazy route. If your CV isn’t tailor made for the position and company that you are applying for, you may lessen your chance of getting an interview and therefore the job.

Role Play

Work your mirror— prepare and practice answering the questions that are likely to come up during the interview. Go over these until you are comfortable and have mastered answering these questions—if and when asked.

Time is Money

Be on time—at least 10 minutes early. You do not ever want to be late or even have excuses for being late for an interview. It does not look good. It shows that you are possibly unreliable and lack respect for others’ time.

Your Hand Game

Shaking hands is a part of one’s intention to make a good impression, although some people find hand-shaking to be a little iffy in these days of Ebola and other contagious diseases. If this is something you are likely to do, then either do it right or don’t do it at all. Make sure that you give a strong handshake – not too firm, and not too weak. The former may come off as you being disrespectful and the latter can make you seem insincere.

First Impressions are Lasting Impressions.

You are judged by how you conduct yourself. So make sure you dress appropriately but do not reveal too much—go for a knee length dress or skirt, with a decent pair of heels. Be sure to make eye contact, maintain a good posture and enunciate your words.

The End Can Also Be the Beginning

Finally, seal a great interview by showing that you’re sincerely interested, by asking about the next steps—as in what happens after the interview process—in case you are not told about this. Don’t forget to show your gratitude by thanking the recruiter for their time and the opportunity. You can also call and check on your job status at a later time, depending on the information given to you.


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