Miss Me with that Nonsense — Girl, Buh Bye! How to Raise Your Vibration

We may often hear life coaches speak around the phrase, “raise your vibration”. But, what is this and how exactly do you do it? Well, when you are living in high vibration you have a greater understanding and knowledge of yourself and your world. You become aligned with your greater self, and your greater attributes. Therefore, you are happier, more understanding, forgiving and compassionate – not only to yourself, but towards others as well.

When living in high vibration, you’re:

  • More likely to elevate in consciousness [self-awareness]

  • Less likely to be judgemental and critical of others

  • Less likely to engage in and be intrigued by gossip

  • More likely to be the source of your own happiness

  • Less likely to depend on others as your source of happiness

  • More likely to follow your dreams and passions

  • More likely to think before you speak and act, avoiding unnecessary conflict

  • More likely to emit and attract positive energy

  • Less likely to emit and attract negative energy

  • Less likely to have low self-esteem and a poor self-image

  • More likely to have a higher and healthier self-esteem

  • More likely to remain neutral in affairs that do not concern or affect you personally

  • More likely to find that, as Eleanor Roosevelt said, “Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people.”

  • More likely to engage in behaviour and practices which are respectful to yourself as well as others

  • Less likely to be influenced by or adopt the superficial things of life

  • More likely to surround yourself with things that feed your soul [make you feel good]

  • More likely to be content and optimistic.

Here are some great ways to raise your vibration:

  • Meditate [research meditation so you understand what it’s all about]

  • Self-reflect, examine your feelings, and introspect to find the real you

  • Let go of old baggage and allow emotional wounds [trauma] to heal

  • Tune into your feelings and give yourself permission to feel, and express your emotions [healthily]

  • Cease or limit your contact with toxic people and circumstances

  • Participate in physical activities for fitness – do yoga, dance or exercise

  • Practise aromatherapy

  • Dress and look good, to meet your expectation[s]!

  • Connect and surround yourself with like minds who will support your growth

  • Dig your toes into the sand. Swim in the ocean. Enjoy life out and about in nature

  • And most importantly – love life to live life. Have FUN!


**Originally posted between year 2013-2016 [date to be confirmed].

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