Say No to BabyMama Drama: 5 things to Accomplish Before Becoming a Mother

Updated: Nov 23, 2018

Yes, Kylie and celebritydom may make motherhood look like it’s something to aspire to, that it’s easy, that is sweet, and that ‘children are blessings’. It can be sweet and children most certainly are blessings. However, it’s very important to use this in the right context because the reality is that, parenting children, is a heavy responsibility that comes with sacrifice and great challenges. Before choosing to become a mother you may wish to carefully consider the following:

Finish school: This is your first major stepping stone to a life that you want to live. Collect as many academic and professional accolades as you possibly can. This will help you broaden your career prospects so that you can live a fulfilling life and provide such to any future bambinos.

Gain life experience and wisdom: you’re going to want to be able to teach your little mini-me valuable life lessons and instil good values for them to grow into productive individuals of society. Most times, we’re able to achieve this once we have acquired wisdom and we acquire this through the valuable lessons taught to us by our great teachers: Life, Life Experience and Time.

Have money in the bank: put yourself in a position to learn what it is like to make money, to manage money, and to budget your money. Trust me, this will prove to be a beneficial move before adding a new person into the equation. Take time to use your money to build something of your dreams, invest in things that will give you a great return and that make you smile. Ultimately, you will be building a sturdy foundation for you to build your potential nest on.

Develop self-identity: do you know who you are and are you comfortable with who you are? Go out and live a little; find yourself; discover your likes, dislikes, life’s mission; nurture and develop your talents and skills. Parents are usually a child’s first role model and so know that your child may want to emulate you. Give yourself time to create a beautiful image for him or her to keep in mind. Lead him or her by example and blaze a trail.

Let boys chase you: yes, there are going to be plenty of boys doing what they do best: chasing you. This is not entirely an accomplishment, per se, but an important and relevant note while in pursuit of your accomplishments.

Do not rush to tie yourself down and keep in mind that – no matter what illusion pop culture sells to you – promiscuity has consequences. You can ‘date’ and have ‘fun’ but the most effective way of doing this does NOT involve SEX! Should you choose to have sex – because it is a choice – 2 words: birth control. Know that creating long-term bonds with temporary people leads to painful life lessons.


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