Work for Your Throne, Queen! BADDGirlRe’s 5 Tips to Become Self-Reliant

Updated: Nov 29, 2018

Self-reliance is a seriously powerful asset to gain and to hone. Being self-reliant is your way to becoming independent and self-made — you will depend on your own skills to sail through emergencies or problems. Be the Queen of your Castle!

Get Educated

I’d like to tear a page out of my notes for this one. Dr Frances C. Welsing suggests that you marry and start a family at no younger than the age of 30. Use the years before this to find your wisdom and to become educated, because knowledge is true power and it’s the catalyst of an easier and more rewarding life, for both you and your family. I think that this is a really smart idea for those who desire to work for their own self-made throne to sit upon.

Master A Trade

Having an education is paramount, and even more so when corporate jobs appear to be the road to the good life. It’s fine to keep this in mind, but mastering trades like sewing, upholstering, doing hair, baking, etc., apart from your education, is the icing on the cake. Learn to work with your hands — this could come in really handy as a side hustle or as a backup plan to earn some money.

Polish Your Craft

God has given you talents to use for yourself, your family and the community’s benefit during your time on earth. Two important things to remember about polishing your God-given craft are: one, perfect practice makes perfect, and two, if you don’t use it, you lose it. So Love, make it work for you.

Have Backup

Although this post is on being self-reliant, having a creative and supportive network around the corner (within the reach of a phone call or email) is in fact absolutely tied in to self-reliance, as having help and being resourceful go hand in hand.

Boss 101

As Nelly said, we got a dilemma: Mistakes and problems are inevitable. But in fact, they are tests designed for emotional growth and spiritual evolvement; it’s up to you to pass the test. Focus on the current situation at hand. I emphasise on staying focused on the present and the “now”. Block out thoughts that are irrelevant — that internal noise, conversation, and clutter. Just like overanalysing things complicates everything, feeding the internal dialogue will create further problems that were not present in the first place, and exacerbate your current problems. Handle the situation with tact and directness. Professionalism is the key to everything — poor interpersonal skills can cost you big time.

Finally, make sure you approach the world with a 'No one owes me anything, I must work hard to earn it' — attitude.


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